Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cook Out, Anyone?

Linny and I were horrified to look out the window and see Big Daddy preparing the grill for our steak dinner along with Myles and Libby Belle as helpers....I hope high temperature gas grilling will kill the dog germs.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take Me for a Ride

Went to see the Assistant's game.  The Hounds stayed in the car... Lib decided to jump over the dog gate and ended up in the passenger seat.  We drove home.  She stayed in the shotgun seat as she refused to move.  So we took a tour of downtown Hanove.

Powder Room Pics

I'm ready to redo the powder room...The biggest problem to solve is how to incorporate a utility sink into a traditional first floor powder room.
While I was shopping this morning, I came upon these three sinks with various ways to display them.  I'm thinking that a utility sink could be placed on a similarly styled base.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Spring is Coming Up All Over

While the dogs are dozing, I snuck out of the house to take a couple of pics of the first daffodil on my banking.  Lo and behold, I discovered the hyacinth and the new leaves of a certain perennial??? holding on to last night's raindrops.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Early Morning Snowstorm

On the way to the coco to buy my Easter ham I was inundated with flurries.  Cars were showing up in the parking lot with two inches of snow on their roofs.  It's all gone now.  Now we are left with cold and rain.  Even the hounds are sleeping.
Last night at Jesse's we were entertained by Brooks Hubbard.  He has a huge following and we had to make a reservation.  Nice time.  What a talented musician.
Here I am braiding his sister's hair into a fish first attempt.  Not bad.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Birthday Away

The Centennial Hotel.... Built for the widows of Civil War Veterans.  Granite is the very cool, modern, yet cozy restaurant...
The Princess and the Officer just sent these flowers to me...brilliant idea...Robert's Flowers delivered them and the blooms arrived at my door this morning along with the sunshine!!!!!!!  
The Centennial is where we dined for my birthday lunch. Then, a short ride to downtown Concord took us to the Elegant Ewe, the cutest name for a knitting store.  So imagine beautiful photos of skeins of cashmere and silk and smooth cotton...and I'll imagine knitting beautiful summer scarves and shawls.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What do April Clouds Bring?

Edqewater Farm opens for the season on Friday, April 22.  I received a 10% off coupon on plants til May 6th.  That's inspiration enough to start planning my planters. By the way,  Lebanon Stone and Gravel has the best local river rock ever!  And, so affordable, especially if you have a pickup truck.  I believe even delivery is a good deal.  River rock looks great in landscaping.  I use it up against the foundation of my home.  Use newspaper or black landscaping cloth is keep weeds at bay.
Good news and bad...Simon Pearce will be moving into a new space that unfortunately will be vacated by Shakelton Thomas.
Best dog bed finds...Dan and Whit's.  Good looking, with zippers and great sizes.... $24.99.  Sometimes I throw clean dog towels over my dog beds to protect them during mud season.  Towels are easier to wash than dog bed covers, as they can be bleached and washed in hot water and thrown in the dryer.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

Another chilly, wet Palm Sunday in Hanover.  The beginning of Holy Week with a challenge from Guy Collins to attend as many services this week as possible.  Daddy couldn't wait to give his blessed palm cross to Sheryl at breakfast.  What would be a good comfort dinner for this special day?  Hmmm.  Tortellini and Spinach Soup, maybe with King Arthur baguette?
Lipstick plant is going crazy this week.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Baseball in April

What could be better than Red Sox baseball in April at Fenway Park? Simple answer.....  sitting in front of a roaring fire with Master of the Universe,  Miss Little Mo Peep and the hounds...all cozy and warm and dry....Looking forward to chicken on the grill and Linny's famous Potato and Egg Salad. Recipe to come later  Stayed tuned. Still dreaming of St. Bart's and glasses of Rose... So we'll try to recreate the feeling in gray Hanover tonight. Even though it's not produit en France, thanks to a friendly, smart CoCo employee from the wine department, I'm enjoying a delicious, dry rose from Italia.  Il Filare.  Yum, yum.