Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

When I was growing up in Massachusetts, May Day was a special holiday.  Mom would take us to the Coop (pronounced like a chicken's abode) which was a grocery store in Fitchburg where beautiful crepe paper May baskets were sold.  Looking like tulips and roses and pansies and fanciful posies, these baskets were then filled with candies.  On May 1st.  we would hang them on friends' doorknobs and take them to our grandparents.
Daddy and I took the hounds down to the Connecticut River for a May day stroll.  They loved the water and frolicked in the mud.  Now they are tired and drying off in the sun.  Not too happy to be left outside while I write.
Here are some May Day sights.
These three inch diameter logs were stripped clean and sharpened like pencils on the ends...maybe a beaver??
Big Daddy and Libby Belle back on the dreaded leash after her romp.
Myles waiting patiently for Libby


  1. Susan your photographs are beautiful! nice newspaper backdrop on the basket pic!

  2. also enjoyed note about the goodtimes with your family

  3. I love the picture of miles in the sun!